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What We Do

We fund arts lessons!  
Each year, the Foundation, in partnership with the Fullerton School District, provides funding for lessons in art, music, dance and theatre. These lessons reach each of our kindergarten through sixth grade children at the seventeen elementary schools with innovative, curriculum-related arts experiences conducted by professional artists.

We fund the Arts Learning Activities Bus (Arts LAB)!  
We have transformed two surplus school buses into mobile, digital arts studios. Students across the District are guided by skilled artist/educators to make short movies about what they are learning in their classrooms.   The science of technology coupled with the wonder and beauty of art awakens young minds and stimulates imaginations with remarkable success. Maybe you have seen the Arts Lab Busses around Town or In the news.
Click here for the Arts Lab slideshow.

We help raise funds to support the elementary instrumental music program!
Every fifth and sixth grade student in the Fullerton School District is offered the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument. Students receive instruction as part of the regular school day, perform several concerts a year, and experience the joy of expressing themselves in the universal language of music!
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We fund the World Harmony Music Bus!
Our World Harmony Music Bus is on the road bringing music to the children of Fullerton! We have equipped a surplus school bus with instruments from around the world and are enticing children to experience the universal language of music in a way that will truly stay with them for the rest of their lives! In addition to the various instruments on board, our Music Bus is equipped with computerized composing stations, a library of music from all corners of the world and some fabulous recording technology! Heartfelt thanks to our amazing donors who have made this possible!

We fund the Children's Arts Museum and Creativity Center!
Interactive displays invite children into the world of learning through the arts. These hands-on exhibits will be designed to feed children's imaginations while they experience many of the world's great creations. Once their intellects have been nurtured, children will be given the opportunity to use the exhibits as motivation for their own creative projects.
Click here for the Creativity Center slideshow

We fund teacher grants!  
Every year classroom teachers are awarded grants from the Foundation so that they can add the magic of the arts to academic lessons.   The grants have funded kid-created murals, pageants, choruses, plays, puppeteer troupes, and much, much more.
Click here for the Teacher Grants slideshow.

We spread the word!  
The Foundation seizes every possible opportunity to educate business and community leaders, the public, parents, and educators about the importance of an arts education in the life of a child.  

We transform children's lives!

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