What People are Saying


Hear the kids, in their own words what they think about our programs.


The following are just a fraction of the notes, letters, e-mails and comments we have received regarding our innovative arts education programs.

What Teachers Are Saying

“All the Arts for All the Kids opens doors for kids in ways I can’t!”

“Students look forward to each lesson we have. They love to take part in everything. It has been wonderful to see their progress throughout the lessons.”

"The kids eyes light up when the artist/teachers enter the room!”

“It was astounding to see 30+ sixth graders in a tiny room, in lines and banging sticks together in a dance without casualties! The dance teacher had great control! “When’s All the Arts...?” - I hear that question repeated constantly throughout out the year. Kudos to an always outstanding program!”

“All the Arts...” brings professional artists to the children. They come with inspirational and tested lessons that have been cultivated over many classrooms to a fine-tuned and joyous experience, both for students and teachers. The students are so excited about each and every session. Even by second grade they have come to believe that they are fully capable in every branch of art, due to the artists ability to build success into every lesson. I love the cross-curricular tie-ins, such as geography with dance, history with visual art, history  with drama, and most recently, science with music.”

“Experts in their field show kids the art, the history, and the fun of being creative in a very supportive environment.”

“This program reaches into the areas that we as teachers have limited knowledge in! Students more freely connect concepts taught in other academic areas with dance, art, and drama. This program reaches all students and gives confidence to students who otherwise struggle. Thank you!”

“The most effective aspect of All the Arts for All the Kids is the degree of professional expertise of the presenters, their enthusiasm for their craft, and the contagious spirit and energy that motivates others to take risks and join the fun.”

“Our class really loved the teacher from Africa who taught dance. He was extremely fun, energetic, and patient with all the students. He really had fun with my kids with autism and made them shine in front of the general ed kids with praise toward their behavior and performance.”

“All the Arts for All the Kids provides expert instruction for all students in various areas of the fine arts throughout the school year. It is amazing/wonderful to witness the impact the arts can have to a struggling or at-risk student’s self-confidence!”

“The level of excitement these artists create/instill is phenomenal!”

“Students LOVE it!”

“The hands-on experiences are great! It’s one thing to talk to the students about a famous dancer, musician, artist or actor. It’s another thing entirely to have one stand before the class and instruct!”

“Imagination is soaring high! Since our time with the Arts LAB my students are truly writing better and using  their imagination to make their stories fun, exciting and original.”

“ I honestly don’t think I have seen my students work so hard or with as much enthusiasm as they did on this (Arts LAB) project. The sense of pride and accomplishment was amazing.”

“Students are excited by the mere mention of “All the Arts...”

What Students Are Saying

“I think that I can speak for all the Acacia kids in saying “All the Arts Rock.” It enriches all of the kids here and is a bright spot in a dull day.”

– Grant

“It (“All the Arts for All the Kids”) makes my brain open up for the rest of the day.”
– Cooper

“I’ve never had such a great time. I had a wonderful time with drama, dance, visual art, music and the arts bus. I’d rather stay at school and do All the Arts than go home.”
– Claire

“All the Arts is a program that helps all the kids in Fullerton. Just think about all the kids in Fullerton. There are kids whose parents can’t afford to take them to art, drama, music or dance lessons, but when they come to school, they can learn all of these skills from All the Arts.”
– Lauren

“I think it (“All the Arts for All the Kids”) is educational because it teaches real state standards in an exciting way that makes me want to come to school.”
– Vincent

“All the Arts is very important to me and all the kids.…First of all, All the Arts is special to me because it makes me come to school. When I come to school and there’s All the Arts, I get all excited and ready to learn so many wonderful things. In addition, it gives me a chance to experience something brand new. All the Arts lessons I’ve done are so interesting and cool to me. I want to learn more than I already knew….the All the Arts program changes my attitude, my life, and my childhood, for the better.”
– Angelica

“All the Arts is a program that helps all the kids in Fullerton. Just think about all the kids in Fullerton. There are kids whose parents can’t afford to take them to art, drama, music, or dance lessons, but when they come to school they can learn all of these skills from All the Arts.”
– Young

“Every person deserves to shine, and why not start at Elementary school? Who knows, one of the kids might become the next Da Vinci or Shakespeare.”
– Miranda

What the Community and Professionals Are Saying

“This program touches every single child in the Fullerton School District--regardless of socioeconomic status. It is the ONLY program of its kind in Southern California, in which the arts are tied to other curricular subject areas. It’s also highly cost effective.”

“I was born and raised in Fullerton and ...I know that my education was greatly enriched by the All the Arts Program --and many of my grade-school friends and family wholeheartedly agree. Countless Fullertonians, far and wide, are immensely proud of this program.”

“My entire education was in the Fullerton School District and the creative, unconventional arts programs were a vital part of that education--enough to have a lasting impression on my current work.”

“I was born and raised in Fullerton and can honestly say that without this program I would not be as successful in work and academic life as I am today.”

“All the Arts for All the Kids helps children to use their artistic and creative minds to solve problems and situations, a key value in our society today. These children ARE the future of Southern California, and even the country or the world.”