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With your support in time and money we can provide the following benefits to kids.

More kids‚ arts classes 

The arts help to raise test scores and reach children in ways no other subject can. A peek into the world of the arts is not enough. Children need ongoing nurturing, guidance, and inspiration in this fundamental aspect of their education.

More performances from world class groups

Our children should see the arts performed by those who live the arts!

Additional teacher arts grants

Year after year classroom teachers reach into their own pockets to give their students enriching arts experiences. Help us to ensure that funding will be available for each and every teacher to give their children the gift of bringing the curriculum to life through the arts.

Arts rooms at each of the schools

These facilities will be dedicated exclusively for the arts. 

Arts Learning Activities Buses (Arts LABs) to travel from school to school

Help us convert surplus school buses to a fleet of mobile arts environments.

The Techno/Arts buses are the first two out of the garage and has been successfully transformed into an official Arts LAB. They are currently receiving rave reviews!! Picture a renovated school bus equipped with digital video cameras and video editing stations that kids can use to create their own “commercials for learning'' which document the knowledge they've gained.

Our Music Bus will glide up to your child's classroom and into his heart.   Imagine an environment where hundreds of musical instruments beckon you to pick them up - to shake, rattle, and roll! Children learn about the science of sound as they experiment with non-traditional sound sources. Our Music and Movement Bus will be outfitted with sound equipment that can turn a playground blacktop into a dance studio with a library of music from around the world.

Our next Arts LAB will be our Theatre Bus. Close your eyes and envision a bus with awnings and backdrops that transform the area around the bus into a stage - complete with props and costumes.   Doors open to a world where Shakespeare is alive and where future Andrew Lloyd Webers and Steven Spielbergs are being awakened.

Now that the fleet is launched, we have plans for The Traveling Interactive Art Museum Bus. This will include a children's art gallery, temporary art exhibits to set up at each site, mini museums from around the world, and lots of hands-on activities.

The Idea Factory Bus will be geared towards teachers with the kids being the ultimate benefactors. This “bus” will provide the latest in arts resource books, kits, supplies, lesson plans and materials. We'll host work shops, give teachers turnkey projects, and provide deluxe door to door service for the busy classroom teachers.

Our Beyond-the-Box Bus will provide an architectural world to inspire the next Frank Gehry or Frank Lloyd Wright. Come learn about the physics of architecture and then build your own structures using giant tinker toys, large Legos, huge Velcro building blocks - all aided by computer-generated designs.

And the list goes on…

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