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Ivy Johnson and Beth Johnson Silverman

Artist Ivy Johnson and Beth Johnson Silverman
Title Peace and Love
Materials Glass

This was a mother/daughter team:

Ivy Johnson and Beth Johnson Silverman are daughter/mother/BFF from Anaheim, CA. They have been creative together since the get go! From theatre to figure skating, costumes to make-up, there are few creative arts they won't endeavor to share their artistic passion.

Beth is a make-up and mixed media artist who ventured into the world of mosaics when Ivy asked her to join her in a class. One project later, and HOOKED! "I love it when my hands are covered in something...make-up, paint, glue, glitter, whatever! That's when I'm happiest." And of course, also often covered in glitter are her husband James, and her little muses, Frankie and Scarlet (dachshunds)!

"Ivy is the best mom ever," Beth says, "I'm so proud of her!" Ivy is a breast cancer survivor and recently Co-Chairperson and speaker at American Cancer Society's El Segundo Relay for Life. She is happiest when she is learning something new, such as tap dancing and Salsa! Also by her side are more dachshunds, Jack and Ruby, and her husband Bob.

Working together is their favorite! It's quite a show...if you can imagine!

Katherine England

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